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From mums, dads & Ronseal.


Partnered with Mums & Dads

We know not everyone is a DIY guru. That one look at a wobbly shelf can mean you’re on the phone to Mum and Dad before you know it. But in reality, it’s easy when you know how.
So this year, we’ve enlisted the help of those handy Mums and Dads who are no strangers to a toolbox, to show you the ropes and share their tricks of the trade. That way you’ll have the confidence, not just the right products, to get the job done.

Help in your pocket

We’ve even created Ronseal’s Pocket Parent on Facebook Messenger. If you need help painting your fence, doing your decking or getting your outdoor windows and doors sorted, give it a try. We’ll tell you what products you need and how to use them.

Need help with your DIY skills?

We’re hosting a series of free workshops around the country and want you to join us. Sound good? Just register your interest below.

Products that do the work for you...

But don’t worry, we made every product super simple to use so there isn’t too much to learn. You’ll go from beginner to bona-fide in no time.




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