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One Coat Grout Pen


Redefine your grout lines and restore it so it’s good as new and there’s no need to re-grout. Our One Coat Grout Pen is mould resistant and waterproof so it’s easy to clean and you can keep your grout looking sparkling white for longer.

  • Suitable for enamel, porcelain, fibreglass and ceramic tiles
  • One coat is all you need
  • Mould resistant and waterproof
  • Comes with spare nibs
Use on the following surfaces
  • Interior grout lines
    Interior grout lines

1 colours available including:


How to use One Coat Grout Pen

Before you start

Clean your grout to get rid of any mould or stains.


  1. Shake the pen until you hear it rattle. The nibs are reversible so you can choose which end you want to use. The round end covers larger areas and the flat end will give you neater lines.
  2. Hold the nib down on some paper until white paint starts to come out.
  3. Use the grout pen just like a normal pen; be carefuly not to press down too hard as the paint will come out fast and overflow and you may quickly wear out the nib.
  4. Use it on vertical grout lines first. If you get any on your tiles, use a damp cloth to remove it.
  5. If you’re grouting a large area, you might need to use the spare nib. Just take the old nib out and slot the new nib into the barrel.
  6. Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

That’s it, job done!



Once your grout is completely dry, you can clean it and your tiles just like normal.

Technical specification

Usage Interior grout lines
Dry time 24 hours
Number of coats One
Colours White
Finish Matt
Durability Waterproof and mould resistant
Application Pen included
Sizes 15ml