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Wooden Floor Scratch Repair Kits


Make scratches in your wooden floor disappear. Easier than using a wood filler and matches the colour of your wood in just two minutes.

  • Makes all scratches disappear
  • Works on laminate and real wood flooring
  • Can be mixed to match the colour of your wood in just two minutes
Use for the following wood types
  • Wooden floors
    Wooden floors

How to remove a scratch from your floor


  1. Clean your floor to remove any dirt from the scratch
  2. Choose the stick that’s the closest colour of your floor. Rub it from side to side across the scratch, pushing down hard.
  3. If the colour doesn’t exactly match your floor, use another stick to get a closer colour match. Simply rub one stick across another to change the colour.
  4. Once the scratch is filled, use a clean, dry cloth to buff away any excess. To check it’s level with the floor, wipe your finger across it to feel for any raised bits. If you can still feel a groove, apply more and buff again.
  5. Leave the filled scratch to rest for two hours.
  6. To prevent it from reopening again, seal it with either our Hardwood Restorer and Protector or our Laminate Floor Seal.

Technical specification

Usage Interior
Number of coats One
Colours Natural Wood
Finish Matt