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Floor care

Your floors need to withstand a lot. So give them the best protection and finish. Just choose the right product for you.

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You want to keep your wooden floors looking beautiful. That means protecting them against shoes, spills and scuffs. That’s what our floor care range is for.

Wood floor paint

Shoes, spills, children and pets... there are many things that can damage your floor. So protect and colour them with our floor paint.

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Wood floor varnish

The toughest protection for your floors, from scratches, spills and knocks, without hiding the wood.

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Wood floor wax

Diamond Hard Floor Wax is the only wax that gives you the same level protection as varnish, but it leaves the floors feeling more natural.

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Wood floor oil

Are you looking to nourish your wooden floor and protect it? Our Floor Oil is what you need to protect it against water spills.

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Wood floor maintenance

All you need to keep your floors looking great.

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Wood floor cleaner

The fastest way to get a shiny, clean floor. Ready to use straight away and leaves a streak free finish.

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Laminate floor seal

Bring the shine back to your worn laminate floors. Our Laminate Floor Seal helps to cover small scratches and scuffs, leaving your floors protected and looking great.

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Garage floor paint

Keep your garage looking great with our Garage Floor Paint. You can park your car on it, and it will resist grease, petrol, and oil.

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Flooring applicators

Apply the products perfectly with our specially designed applicator tools.

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