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Doors & windows

We have everything you need to get your doors and windows protected from the weather.

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You need to protect your wood from the weather. If you don’t it’ll turn grey in the sun or rot in the rain. Our range makes sure your outside wood looks its best for longer.

Exterior wood paint

First impressions count. Making sure your front door and windows look great and are protected from the weather is a tough job, but our wood paint range has it covered.

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Exterior wood stain

You need to protect your exterior wood from the weather. If you don't, it'll grey in the sun and rot in the rain. We have 2 types of wood stains, Quick Drying and 10 Year.

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Exterior wood varnish

Our clear varnish lets you protect your wood without changing the way it looks. It goes on clear and stays clear.

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Yacht varnish

This is our traditional exterior varnish. It protects the wood with a wood warming finish.

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Doorstep paint

Our Doorstep paint stands up to everyday wear-and-tear, and is slip-resistant. Just 2 coats and you'll be ready to step out in style.

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