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Decking is expensive, so you'll need to protect it to keep it looking great.

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Decking is a great way to improve the look of your garden. But you need to protect it to stop the sun turning it grey or the rain rotting it. Our products will keep your decking looking its best all year round.

Decking oil

Decking oil will keep your wood nourished. It'll add a hint of natural colour, perfect for newer decking.

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Decking stain

Decking Stain gives richer colour and better protection against day to day use on new or older decking.

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Decking paint

Rescue your old decking with our Decking Paint. It covers ugly, grey, split wood. Transforming your deck, so you can get it back in use.

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Decking restorer

Save your grey weathered decking with our Decking Restorer! Leave it 15 minutes, give it a scrub and your deck will look like new.

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Decking cleaner

Our decking cleaners prep new wood and helps keep your deck clean.

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Decking stripper

Remove old stains and oils with our Decking Stripper, it's really easy to use and takes only 30 minutes. All you need is a day of good weather!

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