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Let's be honest. Most people don't enjoy DIY tasks. One job can turn into many. Tools magically disappear. You usually have to make a trip back to the shops before you can finish the job. And it can be a right pain in the…back, knees and neck.

Fear not. The team at Ronseal are here to tell you exactly what you need to know to get the job done. As painlessly and as quickly as possible. And, the performance of our products mean it’ll be a while before you have to do the job again.

That’s because, with Ronseal, you can be assured that our products perform exactly how we say they will. We keep our instructions and product descriptions as clear and straight-forward as possible. That way you know what you’re getting. And can be sure you choose the right tools for the job.

Our product range covers:

Garden Woodcare – Protecting your decking, fences, sheds and garden furniture – and keeping them looking good for longer.

Home Woodcare – Taking care of the wood inside the home, such as tables, floors and doors. Paint to give your kitchen tiles a make-over, your floor a refresh and prep to cover wood knots before you get started on your emulsion. Wall & wood fillers and products that make sure you get a good finish to your project.

We spend a lot of time developing our range of products. And listening to what you have to say helps us do this. We always encourage feedback. That way our Research & Development labs can make sure we’re using our latest technology to the best effect – making products that will get your DIY job done.

RONSEAL - Does exactly what it says on the tin® - Read the origin of the famous strap line here.

For further product advice please contact us!

Ronseal is based at Thorncliffe Park in Sheffield in the UK and also has a thriving business in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Ronseal is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary company of the Sherwin-Williams Company, which is based in Cleveland, Ohio in America.

Related FAQs

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When should I treat my fences?

The best time to treat your fences is in spring. At this time the temperature is more favourable and vegetation which would normally get in the way will not have grown too much. Treating at this time means the hard work is done in time to enjoy the summer.

What's the difference between a stain and an oil?

The difference is in the finish and the level of protection. An oil soaks in to wood and nourishes it. It gives wood a lightly tinted finish. A stain gives richer colour and a bit more protection.

What is the difference between a wax and a varnish?

A wax leaves a great finish but is not as durable as a varnish. A varnish creates a seal over the wood and should be used in areas that are more prone to damage.

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